About Us


Premium UV baby bottle sterilizer, Upang, was first introduced in 2008 in Korea. With its ultimate sterilization power and innovative technology, Upang has become the must-have bay care item in Korea.  It is #1 best-selling baby bottle sterilizer and awarded as the most preferred brand in Korea for 5 consecutive years.

Innovative Technology

Upang is developed and made 100% in Korea.  We know sterilization is one thing you cannot see the result with your eyes and we know how important it is to keep babies away from harmful germs and bacteria. That is why we strive to provide the best quality product you can trust and rely on.  Baby's immune system is still developing during first year of his or her life and that is why babies are most vulnerable to viruses, bacteria, and infections during this period. With powerful UV light and high quality super mirror stainless, upping will sterilize every corner and hole of the object with 360' UV light reflection and penetration.  We specialize in one thing only: Baby Bottle Sterilizer - choice you can trust for you and your precious baby. 

Global Upang

Upang is trusted worldwide for its proven sterilization power. It is fully tested and certified by US FDA and six other health organizations.  For more information on certification and test results, please refer to our certification page.