How do I use?

With Upang, sterilization is easy and convenient. First, wash items and shake off excess water.  Then, load object and chose the desired operation function. And you're done!

What items can be sterilized?
With waterless, chemical-free sterilization technology of Upang, you can sterilize almost everything - baby bottles, toys, teethers, plastic, toothbrush, remotes, cellphones and more.

How does UV kill bacteria?
UV can kill more than 99.9% of bacteria by breaking apart molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA and destroying them. With their DNA broken, they can't function or reproduce and organism dies. UV is very effective and widely used in medical and pharmaceutical fields as trusted disinfectant. 

What are the functions of the three buttons?

  • Automatic (40 mins): Low-temperature drying and UV sterilization 
  • Sterilization (13 mins): When drying is not required.  Use this cycle to sterilize dry objects such as remotes, cellphones, toys, etc.
  • Ventilation (10 mins): Ventiliate odors unique to breast milk or powder milk

How do I clean Upang sterilizer?

Gently wipe the interior of the unit using a wet warm towel then followed by dry cloth.  For more information, please check your user manual. 

Do I have to change the UV lights and infrared bulb?  How Often?

It is recommended to change UV lamps and infrared bulb every 12 months or 6000 hours of use for best drying and sterilization result.

What is included when I purchase a unit?

1 Upang main body, 1 stainless steel basket, 1 stainless steel shelf, 2 UV ray lamps and 1 infrared ray electric lamp (installed), and a user manual. 

Do you have warranty?

There is 1 year manufacturer warranty starting from the date of purchase.  The warranty service covers all factory related defects and does not cover damages due to misuse or neglect. Light bulbs and accessories are not covered under warranty.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, for shipping to Contiguous United States, we offer free shipping for sterilizer!

For further questions, please feel free contact us at support@upanguvsterilizer.com.